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LadyBear - Catch 22

Ladybear are a London based rock band which formed in 2006 combining the monumental rock vocals of Amy Nicholls and the riff driven guitar of Louis Matthews.

Ladybear have amassed a large body of material including one album ‘Catch 22’ released on Southwest Records and their second ‘Lawlwss Town’ is currently in development.  They have played a multitude of gigs had radio shows around the UK and have fans and listeners in over 5 countries.                     

Amy Nicholls has grown up with a strong musical family. Her brother Morgan Nicholls is currently playing with Muse and has previously played with The Gorillas, The Streets and Senseless Things.  Her father Billy Nicholls has been a successful singer/songwriter for over thirty years and has worked with artists such as The Who and The Small Faces amongst many others.     

Influenced greatly by the love of bands such as The Pixies, Violent Femmes, Smashing Pumpkins, Blondie & The Rolling Stones and solo artists such as Kate Bush, John Martin & Charlotte Gainsbourg to name a few.

Ladybear have found a unique driving sound which defines the spirit of modern rock at the cutting edge. With much more to come, Ladybear are a force to be reckoned with!                                                                     

Photos by Laura Melcion



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